Thursday, 8 December 2011

iMbaS kenGan lamA

Smue owg adew kngan lama..mnusia mmg xakn lari dr kngan..mmg kte xblh nk lupe smua kngan xkire la y pahit atau manis..yg sdih atau gmbira..kngan tu mcm angin,sekejb btiup kncg n kdg2 btiup sepoi2 bhse..
Hnye kte yg mmpu mlupkn kngn 2 smue..wt ape nk ingt smue 2 kalu ianye wt kte mngis n skit hati..

Let loose memories  passed.Forget and do not remind all.Do not cry anymore.Believe in yourself that we are able to be forget it and believe it ALLAH know what is going on and ALLAH pity us.Believe in yourself and be grateful..

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